Era 1995-2000 “Vision 2000 and Beyond”

Bishop Chandler David Owens was groomed for leadership of COGIC and elected after the death of Bishop Ford in 1995, he became the Presiding Bishop. Bishop Owens gained national attention in the church as the President of the Youth Department. Bishop Owens was a noted evangelist of the church and pastored several church including: Bostick Temple in St. Louis, MO Well’s Cathedral COGIC in Newark, NJ; and Greater Community COGIC in Marietta, GA. He also served as the Presiding prelate of the New Jersey Garden State Jurisdiction and the Central Georgia Jurisdiction. Known for his eloquent and extensive vocabulary, astute entrepreneural skills, and organizational leadership, Bishop Owens led COGIC in its centennial celebration in 1997 with the thems, “holiness, a proven foundation for a promising future! He is credited with systematically restructuring church department and ministries expanding the church in Asia primarily India and the Philippine, and placing COGIC on a firm financial status. Bishop Owens had outlined a progressive plan to position COGIC for ministry in the 21st century known as “Vision 2000 and Beyond”. In a unique and unusual move however, Bishop Owens became the first and only sitting leader of the church to be removed from the office of presiding Bishop through the electoral process. In 2000, at the ninety-third International Holy Convocation, the General Assembly voted Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson as the new Presiding Bishop of COGIC. Bishop Owens contined to serve as a Jurisdiction Bishop and member of the General Board until his death in 2011.

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